December 2, 2023

The publicly and politically largely debated Koh-I-Noor diamond, probably the most helpful crown jewels of Britain, is again on public show since its absence from the Coronation of prince Charles III, after the demise of his mom, Queen Elizabeth II. 

The huge diamond was all the time on public show at each formal event in Britain for over 150 years, however as a result of impending debate over the imperial artefacts by India, Queen Camilla averted carrying it for Could’s coronation. 

The Koh-I-Noor diamond, which was initially a 186 carat diamond jewel, was minimize right down to 106 carats by Queen Victoria. 


Dispute over the diamond

With the valuable Koh-I-Noor Diamond being introduced again to the general public show, the conspiracies and political debates soared as much as the floor. The British declare the integrity of the diamond is unattainable to find out because the Diamond was not found by the Indian Authorities, and at the moment of its discovery, India wasn’t declared as an impartial sovereign entity. Regardless of all of the arguments the British current for his or her rebuttal, India nonetheless claims its proper over the diamond and consistently sought other ways to deliver this drawback to a passable decision by elevating questions on the matter to the UK authorities now and again. 

The place do the roots of the priceless gem originate? 

Whereas the actual fact is admittedly that the diamond was mined with little doubt in India solely, the issue isn’t solely with the mining. The historical past of the diamond is a cross cultural range, with a number of different nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran additionally laying their declare over the 106 carat stone. 

An emblem of conquest or confiscation? 

The British initiated the East India Firm which formally annexed the Kingdom of Punjab in 1849, after gaining victory within the Anglo-Sikh Warfare, received the diamond as part of the peace treaty and gifted the diamond to Queen Victoria. 

The diamond is displayed on the tower of London in the UK, and has a label beneath it studying ‘ a logo of conquest’. What it actually says is that the peace treaty compelled the younger 10-year previous maharaja to give up the Diamond to the East India Firm. 

Precise Debate

So what is admittedly debatable even after such a very long time, is whether or not the Koh-I-Noor diamond marks the image of conquest by the British after they received the Anglo-Sikh conflict or only a manipulative trick performed on a 10-year previous little one. 

What makes the diamond ‘priceless’ ? 

The diamond additionally symbolizes the supreme authority of the rulers who had been its house owners, until the time Delhi Sultanate got here to energy within the kingdoms of South India again within the 14th century. It applies the identical to the UK. The Diamond symbolises the ability of rule and victory with whomever it resides. 

Internationally opinions

One of many jewelers of the UK, who has taken care of the star jewel of the British as soon as, says on this matter that it shouldn’t be thought of a authorized argument on condition that the jewel was gifted to Queen Victoria from the East India Firm after a good conquest and never taken away by the British. 

Being the heavy and most wished gem for generations, different Worldwide Relations Specialists contemplate the diamond as a diplomatically poisonous subject. With many of the nations trying ahead to inserting it on their events, this may solely give rise to additional cultural wars. 


The Koh-I-Noor diamond not simply carries the UK’s delight, or Queen Victoria’s superb rule or East India Firm’s lengthy conquest, but in addition the UK’s darkish previous of the colonial part. 

The diamond symbolizes the nation’s arduous ties with the previous of how the UK conquered it.